Blas Festival

September 7 - 15 2019

9 days across the Highlands of Music, Dance, Film, Food, Literature, House Cèilidhs, Art and Craft, School and Community events and more…

If you feel like indulging in some of the most authentic Gaelic and Highland culture out there? Then head up to Inverness for the Blas Festival, a celebration of the traditions and Scottish arts. This ranges from music to dance, and many other Gaelic performances, allowing some to enjoy their own heritage and go back to a time when the traditions showcased at this festival were a part of every day culture and every day life. However, this festival doesn’t only want to celebrate the cultural identity of the Highlands, it also tries to promote the young musicians and urging them to follow their dreams by performing with some of the most important artists in the folk and eclectic scenes. So if you’re Scottish and want to simply indulge in your own heritage, or if your only there for a visit and want to learn about the place and people that surround you, then this festival is the one to be at.